Gardening: More than Food

I love summertime gardening. The long sunny days ensure a bumper crop of tomatoes, snap peas, onions, cucumbers, zucchini... But here in Santa Barbara, we get May Gray and June Gloom, too. Those days without sun may feel like we've been robbed of a summer day. (Mark Twain is credited with quipping. "The coldest winter... Continue Reading →

Silver Linings: COVID Edition

"Every cloud has a silver lining," so the saying goes. The global lockdown and countless deaths wrought by the coronavirus are certainly a heavy cloud that we are all under. For many people -- those who have lost loved ones, business, and more -- if there is a silver lining, they have not been able... Continue Reading →

What are you hungry for?

My goodness, we are in a time of rapid transitions and near-constant uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us closed off and suspicious of others. Everything we have taken for granted -- work, school, commuting, sports, grocery shopping, visiting friends and family -- has been upended. The Black Lives Matter movement has magnificently captured the... Continue Reading →

Food: Our Love Language

Today is my older son's 17th birthday. Wow. It has been a journey, an adventure, and a privilege to be his mom. One thing that unites our family - literally - is food. We eat dinner together every night. What we put on the table can be challenge sometimes -- I don't eat gluten or... Continue Reading →

Take a Trip…Down Memory Lane

We are all under stay-at-home orders. We have cancelled vacations, trips to see family, regular dinners with friends, and so much more. We are eating lots of beans and rice. Rays of hope and sunshine must be sought out, and are appreciated more than ever before. I find that food can connect me to places... Continue Reading →

Victory Garden

Wow! Another one?Volunteer tomato plantSoaking up the sunSlips growing in the kitchen window These weeks are starting to run into each other. There are small victories (I learned to knit!), and crushing blows (cancelling trips to visit friends). There is the agonizing uncertainty -- will my son get to go to his beloved summer camp?... Continue Reading →

Food to Anchor my Drifting Weeks

Empty Street, Santa Barbara, May 1, 2020 It's been seven weeks since our world changed. Seven weeks ago, I had a calendar full of plans -- urgent to-do's that had to be taken care of immediately, and plans that gave me something to look forward to. Most urgent of all was the Santa Barbara Culinary... Continue Reading →

Resolve to make tiny changes

It's that time of year -- everyone is making resolutions, breaking resolutions, and resolving not to make any resolution ever again. Of course, we are going to weigh in with our list! There isn't really anything new here -- more fruits, veggies and exercise, less meat. But how to get there? Put Fruit on the... Continue Reading →

Crepes with Homemade Whipped Cream

Ingredients 2 eggs3/4 cup flour (gluten free is OK)1 cup milk (almond, soy, etc are OK)1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)butter or spray oil for pan Combine all ingredients except pan-coating oil or butter in blender. Blend until completely smooth, with no lumps of flour. The consistency should be like heavy cream.Heat skillet over medium-high heat and... Continue Reading →

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