Winter Soup

KITCHEN SINK SOUP: DINNER WITH WHAT’S ON HAND Photo Credit: Diana Cuttrell It is winter and time for soup! A velvety carrot or pumpkin soup is a thing of beauty. But don't overlook the other kind of soup -- a mish-mash of what you have on hand that is never the same soup twice. If... Continue Reading →

Holi-date Bites

This is what your date bites should look like as you work them in the food processor. Apricot and macadamia nut (left), chocolate peanut (right)

Have a Healthier Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is all about family and food. You can't change your family (trust us, we've tried). But a few small changes to your recipes can transform this gluttonous meal into a guilt-free feast. Mashed Potatoes — they don’t need cream, or any dairy. A generous helping of olive oil or vegetable stock, and some high-quality sea... Continue Reading →

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